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Become a Part of Our Cast

Willing Suspension Productions is always searching for new actors interested in joining our company. While we find that veteran performers often enjoy the psychologically complex roles written by Shakespeare’s contemporaries, every year we also have a number of actors with little or no past experience on the stage. Visit our Players page to see the wide range of acting experience and the academic backgrounds of our former cast members. All skill levels are welcome to audition, and in more than one case students who began in minor roles as freshmen have taken central parts as juniors or seniors. Auditions are held every October (no prepared audition pieces necessary), but feel free to contact us at any time to ask questions or sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of this page for notices about productions and tryouts.

Join Our Crew

None of our plays could be staged without the excellent work done by our stage crew. Over the years our company has included many dedicated individuals working in a variety of behind-the-scenes positions: sound designers, set designers and builders, lighting designers and hangers, stage managers, makeup artists, and stage hands. With each new season we need to recruit new crew members for some or all of these jobs to replace graduating seniors, so if you have an interest in the theater but don’t want to act, contact us about becoming part of the WSP stage crew. Though seasoned hands are certainly welcome, there is no experience necessary, and if time constraints are an issue there are many crew positions that only demand a commitment during the week of the actual production. Feel free to contact us with questions or join our mailing list for information about future productions.